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Interior Design

Mr. Daniel had to cancel his plan of buying a new house due to this Pandemic crisis. His original plan was to get a new house to start a new chapter with his newly wed wife. However, he decided to use his reserved funds to upgrade his current property. He engaged an Interior Designer (ID) recommended by his uncle. The ID presented him with amazing designs and he was really impressed by it. The initial budget was RM250k for the renovation according to the ID. However, when the work on the site started, the builder told him that strengthening works on the existing structural elements weren'tincluded in their contract. This cost him an additional RM100k. He faced the scenario of either pumping in more money into this renovation or changing the design. He was lost! 

What could you do if you were Mr. Daniel?

A good Interior Designer will try their best to cater to all their client’s requests, and that includes minimising demolition of the building's existing structural elements. Removing a small column might cost you a few hundred thousand Ringgit just to get the right feel for your house’s Interior Design (unless you are willing to spend).


BuildHub JB will make sure our client's interest is fully protected from all the problems stated above. At the very least, we would minimise the impact with the advice of professionals and ensure that the changes made are legally bound.


With proper documentation, product confirmation and contract binding, client and contractors’ interests will be fully protected. Contract condition will be advised by the designer and professional quantity surveyor.

Terms of payment is vital to ensure work has been done properly on site and contractors hard earned money will be paid promptly. Consultants will evaluate the quality and progress on site, a fair payment sum will be recommended monthly to all without bias. We believe this will solve most of the dispute on site between the client and contractors. All matters shall be discussed professionally and solved amicably.

Contractors defect liability period might be given up to 6 months or less. Or worse, some irresponsible contractors will disappear once they have received the final payment from the client. Any defect reports and warranty claims will not be entertained.