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All works following Malaysia Rules & Regulations

It is vital for all buildings in Malaysia to be approved and recognised by Malaysia Government Agencies. Before site work, building designshave to be approved by relevant agencies. BuildHubJB ensures that all designs will be following the guidelines set by local PBT, IWK, RSAJ, TM, TNB, BOMBA & many more. This will make your building legal and able to obtain ‘Borang F’ after the completion of your building. ‘Borang F’ is important as it is a proof that your buildings are fit and safe to be used. CCC inspection shall be done accordingly before the issuance of ‘Borang F’.

Does your building come with ‘Borang F’? If not, you might be facing some problems later on in attaining your building business license and insurance renewal, BOMBA certification renewal, business auditing and when your prospect buyer asks for the ‘Borang F’.

It might be quite troublesome if all the procedures were not done properly.

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