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Residential / Commercial Renovation

Mdm Hailey is finally about to close a deal with her prospect buyer for her house. The negotiation went on for about 6 months. The day before signing the agreement, the son of the prospect suddenly asked for an approved building plan. Mdm Hailey had completed the renovation 5 years ago. She had converted her balcony into a room to enlarge the master bedroom. And she didnot submit the application of alteration and addition to MBJB. At last, the deal was called off. 

What could you do if you were Mdm Hailey?

Get the building approval from a competent person (architect and engineer) before renovation.

According to Local Authorities act and regulations, approval/permit must be obtained from "PihakBerkuasaTempatan (PBT)" before any construction work takes place. Without the approval, the house owner will be fined and the worst is “stop work order” will be issued. This will cause house owners to lose their precious time, and even worst, if the building was not designed based on Malaysia Uniform Building By Law and PBT requirement, you might need to dismantle it and re-construct accordingly. Monetary losses will affect the house renovation progress.

So, please do consider things carefully when it comes to building applications. There is no loophole for you to avoid this process and you certainly don’t want to risk your day worrying that an enforcement officer will knock on your door after 10 years.

Listen to professionals and competent people! Saving just a little bit of money and time will not help you upgrade your property, instead, your property will be considered illegal!

So, is your renovation/extension moving to the right path?