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New Project Development

Mr. Ben had purchased a 3.5 acre agricultural land in Pontian district from a broker. According to the broker, he could go for land conversion to middle industrial land use at the land office. He planned to build a metal recycling factory in order to expand his existing production line to increase his business production. He engaged a runner to proceed with the land conversion, but only after two yearsdid he know that the piece of land is under agricultural zoning and is not allowed to go for land conversion. He wasted two years.


What you could do if you were Mr. Ben?

You could consult with us before you buy this 3.5 acre agricultural land. For your information, not all the agricultural land is eligible for land conversion. We would conduct the feasibility study to check if this land is under industrial zoning and if it is possiblefor conversion. 

Not only this, for operations involving recycling activities, a minimum 250m radius or more buffer zone is compulsory as requested by the Department Of Environment (DOE). It means that if there was school or residential area located within this buffer zone, then your development plan would be rejected by the DOE. 

So,are you doing the right decision?